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Panini Recipes

Panini Recipes

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When you put a bunch of delicious ingredients between two pieces of bread in a panini press, you get the most magical kind of grilled sandwich: all those ingredients meld together to form a whole new warm and gooey taste. That is, if cheese is involved, and we are complete support of such a move!

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  • Crab Salad Panini

    Zesty crab salad sandwich in sourdough bread, grilled on a panini press.

  • Marta Rivera

    Cuban Sandwich (Cubano)

    Here's how to make the BEST Traditional Cuban Sandwich, a.k.a. the Cubano, at home! Layers of mojo-marinated pork roast, ham, cheese, and pickles make this sandwich outstanding. Serve toasted grilled bread sandwich hot or cold!

Watch the video: The Best Cuban Sandwich Cubano Recipe. SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K (June 2022).