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The Best Boozy Slow-Cooker Warm Drinks

The Best Boozy Slow-Cooker Warm Drinks

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Give your favorite slow-cooker recipes a serious revamp

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Add a little booze to your average slow-cooker drink recipe.

If you’re thinking about hosting a festive, fall gathering, there are a few things you need to know. The perfect pumpkin-pie recipe is a must and the proper decorations are evident, but to master the ultimate party, you have to master the cocktail menu.

In order to create a picture-perfect drink menu for the chilly weather, a round of slow-cooker drinks are in order. Slow-cooker drinks are perfect for hosting parties, because they’re easy to make, they serve a large amount of people, and they taste delicious. Looking to give your average slow-cooker recipe a serious revamp? All you have to do is add a little booze.

In order to throw the ultimate fall party, you need these three boozy slow-cooker recipes on your cocktail menu.

Chocolate Hot Buttered Rum

What goes better together than chocolate and rum? Chocolate, rum, and butter, of course. Indulge in this delectable and buttery cocktail on the coldest nights of fall.

Hot Apple Jammy

The Hot Apple Jammy allows you to enjoy the essence of an apple pie in liquid form. Steer clear of the dessert table and enjoy the best of both worlds with this apple pie drink.

Slow-Cooker Mulled Wine

There’s nothing like clasping your hands around a warm cup of mulled wine. This isn’t the most unusual recipe, but then again, you can’t go wrong with a classic.